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Knowledge is power. That’s why Stryfes likes to help impart knowledge about Sales Tech. In several articles, we provide knowledge and skills to be more successful in Sales.

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  • Stryfes - Bid Management Tools

ROI of Bid Tooling

Categories: RFP|Tags: , , |

Today, there are tools for all tasks. Almost everything can be made more digitally convenient. Those tools just cost money. Of course, there are free tools, but they usually ...

Submitting a bid

Categories: RFP|Tags: |

You always submit the response to a bid one day earlier than the customer requested. You do that to demonstrate that you are in control. Of course, you can ...

  • Stryfes - Bid Management

When a bid manager?

Categories: RFP|Tags: |

You need a bid manager if you run an average of fewer than two tenders, RFPs, or bids (all types of bids) per month. This answer applies to companies ...

  • Stryfes - Bid Management

Tender qualification

Categories: RFP|Tags: |

Niemand wil werk verzetten dat niets oplevert. In sales is dat helaas wel de realiteit. Om meer zekerheid in te bouwen, passen we vaak tender kwalificatie toe. We vragen hierbij ...

  • Stryfes - Bid Management

Buyer Insecurity

Categories: RFP|Tags: |

The more confident a customer is about his purchase, the easier he finds it to contract with a provider. This makes sense. However, the reverse is also true: if ...

  • Stryfes - Bid Management

What is a bid?

Categories: RFP, Start|Tags: |

A bid is a company or organization's request to supply parties to write a proposal. This request is always in writing. A the document describes the process and supplies ...

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