You don’t have to be a unicorn to take advantage of modern sales tools or have an army of IT people or unlimited budgets.

No need for it.

We’ll show you that it can be done differently. We help you get tools that perfectly fit your situation, provide practical training and create an improved process.

This increases your team’s performance. And that’s exactly your mission.

When to call Stryfes?

If you are a (sales) boss with a goal and a capacity problem.


  • When you have to do more with the same people
  • If the same has to be done with fewer people
  • If you think there’s much more to be gained

Stryfes’ services make the most impact with Sales Teams of at least five employees.

A word about the founders:

Hanneke Vogels
Hanneke Vogels
Hanneke Vogels. Sales since the 90s. Unconventional and creative problem-solver. Mom, karate & jiu-jitsu. Economic background.
Tjarko Kwee
Tjarko Kwee
Tjarko Kwee. Tech entrepreneur since 1996. Analyst. Kayaking, traveling, and good food. Averse to “the way it should be”. Finance background.

These organizations are already working faster and smarter

So what do you say?

Let’s explore how we can help your team achieve more conversions, shall we?

We borrow about 45 minutes of your time – and you get thousands of hours of our knowledge and experience in return.

No strings attached. Just getting to know you.

Hanneke Vogels

Sales Technology Director

(06) 5263 3631

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