Everyone knows it: you try to make an appointment and keep emailing or appending back and forth because the schedules on both sides are too full. This takes time, and you lose the momentum to schedule an appointment. There’s no need for that any longer! With Calendly, you send a link to your calendar.

With this link, the other person then sees all free moments for the appointment duration you set. And book an appointment directly through Calendly. It then appears in your calendar, and the other person receives an invite from your name. Even the location you can already set. Due to the connection with all major video call platforms, the meeting link has also been created immediately.

There are many more tools. To the tool summary.

Calendly Features

Calendly started as a simple tool that showed free space in one’s calendar. Meanwhile, there are lots of features that save even more time and give a good customer journey for your customer. We discuss the most important features here.

Multiple kinds of appointments:

Sometimes you schedule an appointment for half an hour, sometimes an hour. And where will you meet? Online or physical. To provide a place for all these types of appointments, create different types of appointments in Calendly.

Customizable meeting link:

It seems like a minor feature, being able to customize your meeting link. But nothing could be further from the truth. This makes it easier for you to type the Calendly link yourself because you can remember it (instead of a combination of random letters) and put in a message for your conversation partner.

Branding and standard emails:

Providing your company’s complete look and feel from front to back, including the standard emails Calendly sends, offers incredible opportunities to get your interviewer excited about the appointment. You want these features if you have stiff competition and know your customer is also talking to the competitor.

Appointments with more than one person:

If it is difficult to schedule an appointment with one person, try it with five. No way! For years you’ve had datumpikker.nl for this, but Calendly now has this option. Only in the paid version, though.

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Calendly Costs

The basic version of this tool is free. And for a lot of people, that’s enough. After that, there are different pricing plans depending on the features you want. We line up when you want which version.

Basic (free):
Ideal if you only send out 1 type of appointment continuously. So the duration and location are always the same. This works well for SDRs, for example.

Essentials ($ 10,-):
Do you want to schedule many different appointments? But no requirements for branding and automation yet. Then the Calendly Essential is the perfect choice for you. This works well for sales in smaller companies.

Professional ($ 15,-):
For professional branding and automation that follow your appointment. This brings a lot to tech-savvy sales and more prominent companies with branding requirements within all tools. For these heavy feature users, the Calendly Professional is a perfect choice.

The difference from the other two Calendly Price Plans (Teams and Enterprise) is mainly in the Round Robin features (functional with teams where it doesn’t matter who someone schedules an appointment with) and connection to SalesForce. So if you work with SalesForce and don’t want to put all appointments in there manually constantly, then Teams is the minimum plan you choose.

Stryfes’ advice:

Although almost everyone resists paying for such a tool, we recommend doing so. Certainly, Calendly Professional has some powerful features that save a lot of time unnoticed. If you are not very handy with these kinds of tools: choose Calendly Basic and try it for a while.

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Are you looking for an overview of all the different calendar tools? On Appointment scheduling: all tools in a row are the ones researched by Stryfes.

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