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We don’t like myth and magic. In sales, there’s way too much of that. Most sales bosses aren’t techies. You probably aren’t, either. But sales teams that use tools well are 5x more successful than teams that don’t. We don’t say that, but Gartner does.

So get to work with Sales Tech. We can almost hear you sigh. That’s okay. You are smart. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting where you are now. You can learn this too, and we will help you. Here’s step one. Explanation of a Sales Tech Stack.

Sales Tech Stack

all the tools a sales use to do its job

< and that’s more than just CRM; we tell you now >

Sales Tech is made up of 2 layers

The foundation includes:

  • CRM (with your customer data, of course)
  • Data Enrichment (to make your customer data better)
  • Sales Process Automation (to do less by hand)

On top you build the Functionals. Simply put, these are the functionalities that automate the actual work for you and make it better. There are tools for almost all tasks in Sales, the main ones being:

  • Autodialers (for cold callers)
  • Social Media Conversation Managers (so that you can answer smarter)
  • Tender Management tooling (here you can find all information)
  • Proposal Writing (that too can be done smarter, read here)
  • Contracts and negotiations (because when legal comes to the table, it gets slow)

Sales Tech Stack at a glance

This is just some of the possibilities. If you put the complete stack in summary, you get this:

How to Build a Sales Tech Stack? It’s done in steps. First, make sure your foundation is in order. So get to work on your CRM, especially Sales Process Automation. Once that is in order, look in your sales process to see where the most time is lost through manual work or mistakes. You’ll solve that with Functionals.

Stryfes regularly publishes the Sales Tech Stack and its various components. Want to learn more? If so, subscribe to our alerts. Want to know almost daily what is happening -> Hanneke Vogels publishes on LinkedIn continuous reviews of tools and insights on what is helpful to automate.

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So what can we help you with?

More time? More sales? You can do both with sales tech. At least, the right tech.

It seems like quite a journey, entering that tech world. But it’s not that bad, mind you. We’d love to help you avoid all the mistakes we’ve already made ;-)


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