A customer interested in your services or products speaks the legendary words, “send me a quote, please.” And then it begins. Gathering information and writing itself. Only it takes a lot of time. Sometimes not individually, but then certainly in multiples. Surely there must be a faster way to do this. And wouldn’t it also be great if all bids became a contract? The ultimate dream! Creating winning bids quickly. How to do it? Read here!

Are my offers good?

Quotes serve a purpose: to convince a customer to purchase your product or service. That means you would prefer every one of your offers to become a contract. But everyone knows it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

win ratio = all quotations approved by customer / all quotations issued in x time

How do you know if your win ratio is correct? It depends on the sector and the service or product of a good win ratio on offers. There are some important parameters:

  • How many competitors do you have?
  • How well-known is your product/service?
  • Are the competitors very similar to you, or do they offer something different?
  • How big a contract is you trying to make?
  • Are you a key player in this market?

Want to learn more about how these parameters affect your odds of winning? Read more about odds here.

Writing winning offers

Want to write better proposals? Or do you especially want to deliver them faster? Or maybe even both. Better bids are primarily about increasing the probability of winning across the content axis. With faster, you are primarily concerned with keeping the momentum with the customer and being able to deliver more quotes in the same amount of time, ultimately bringing in more revenue.

Stryfes uses its 5-step offer plan for this. Read up on the Stryfes 5-Step Plan.

Making quotes faster

It’s straightforward to create quotes faster: work with a tool. A Word template containing fixed fields that you fill in only once, such as a company name, already saves time. But a tool where fields are automatically populated from your CRM already is even better.

Learn more about tools and templates here

Proposal tool

Many companies write their quotes in a text editor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Documents. They then create a template there. That works fine until you want to save time and write better proposals. A proposal tool then offers a solution.

A proposal tool creates quotes based on the information you enter. A proposal tool has ready-made content building blocks and ensures that your corporate identity is always correct. The better tools additionally offer to track the client’s reading and automation for signing.

The generic term for a proposal tool is proposal software. View an overview of different quotation tools here! And which key features can help you.

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