LinkedIn is an essential platform for Sales.

Whether you use it as a Rolodex to look everyone up and get background information or to make connections. Or that you use it as a tool to connect with your target audience through content.

In either case, LinkedIn gives you leads. But LinkedIn has its rhythm and rules of the game. One of those rules is posting at the right time. So if you create content for LinkedIn and want to maximize your audience reach, posting at the right time is a must.

But with everyone’s crowded schedules, challenging to do this consistently. For this, there are now content schedulers. And there are a lot of them. Stryfes tested them all. After all, we’re curious.

Seenly Features

  • Intelligent Scheduling helps you choose the correct times
  • Mentions and tags most tools can’t, but Seenly can
  • Simple User Interface helps you understand the tool right away
  • Anything you want to attach (such as images or carrousels) works great
  • Suitable for one or more people
  • Free for individuals, inexpensive for teams

Soon, they will add the reporting tool that makes Shield obsolete.

Sales Strategist

What can I help you with?

Seenly Costs

The basic version of this tool is free. And for a lot of people, that’s enough. Next, Seenly has one other package.

Ideal if you only want to publish three posts per month on up to 3 different Social accounts. This free version also includes a handy calendar to publish your posts at the right time. For example, this works well for individual account managers or other sales positions.

Public ($ 30,-):
If you publish many articles and want more freedom in this, then the Seenly Publish package is the right package. Here you are not bound by numbers and can therefore use unlimited Social Accounts & unlimited agendized Because you can use unlimited accounts, the Public version is ideal for companies with multiple Sales Representatives

If you use it for the team, the simple design of the pricing plan and the relatively low cost quickly make the Public version the right choice.

Stryfes’ advice:

Stryfes’ top pick is SEENLY.

And so not the (perhaps) well-known names like Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialPilot, Meet Edgar, or Socialoomph.

Stryfes has negotiated a unique discount where, on top of the 14-day trial, you get another 5% off the monthly fee. So that makes the cost 28.50 USD.

Would you like a personal consultation? Contact a Sales Strategist at Stryfes. You can then schedule an appointment right away.

Sales Strategist

What can I help you with?

Are you looking for an overview of all the different content tools? One of our Sales Strategists would be happy to tell you more.

you are not a techie. Right?
Sales leader – that’s you

But even you know: the battle to win the hearts of your customers happens in the digital field these days. Do you know who wins that battle? The companies that use tech and tools to do their marketing and sales. These are 5x as successful as their analog competitors. No Joke, 5x.

Want to win? We all do.

Choosing, implementing and adopting that tech stack? Nobody wants that. Except for us. At Stryfes, we help companies get more sales in less time. All thanks to sales tools and tech. Is that what you want? If so, please get in touch with us without obligation.

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