RFPs and procurement, most start sighing when they hear about it. Because it is synonymous with a lot of work under high pressure. These are the four main reasons for a time-consuming answering process:

  • The RFP comes unexpectedly
  • No or unclear process to do the answering
  • Sales staff are not very good at answering
  • The basic material is missing

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Learn more about these causes: Causes of low win probability bids

Now there is no panacea for eliminating that. Yet the answering process can undoubtedly be done with less effort and without night work.

You have four ingredients for that:

  1. Make sure you’re at the table on time: Causes low win probability bids
  2. Establish a robust process: The process of a bid response
  3. Train your people: Causes low win probability bids
  4. Provide a tool that has a knowledge base and orchestrates the process: Overview of all bid management tools

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you are not a techie. Right?
Sales leader – that’s you

But even you know: the battle to win the hearts of your customers happens in the digital field these days. Do you know who wins that battle? The companies that use tech and tools to do their marketing and sales. These are 5x as successful as their analog competitors. No Joke, 5x.

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