You may compete in a tender. Great – would you say. But for your organization, it is not. Because where other organizations are eager to get started, yours is looking forward to it. Cause…

Your conversion rate? Too low!

The pressure from the MT to win tenders? Oppressive!

All the time and effort put into the tender with no results? Too many times!

You and your team? Frustrated and powerless.

This can be done differently. It has to be different!

There is plenty to gain. Namely: bids. But there is much more to lose: stress, time pressure, and tension. The list goes on and on. The solution?


You need to write better tenders to win them more often, be stress-free, crush your targets, and take credit for your achievements. You need to write tenders faster so that you don’t waste time and have to look at the clock sweating because the day is almost over. Perfectly doable, you might say. Especially with a little help. Right?

Think again!

Are you just putting on band-aids?

Getting your tenders written by an outside party? OK, but expensive – if you have the luxury of being able to do it at all. And: you will always be dependent.

Tools? Handy. But which one do you choose, and who tells you how to wring out every drop of sales power, time gain, and conversion increase?

And we aren’t there yet.

Who will teach you which tools are best to use, implement them for you, and also train your team so that from now on, you will write winning tenders on your own?

Good luck finding a party specializing in sales and the technical side of things.

Where can you find someone like that?

Now, here. We are Stryfes; nice to meet you

Responding to tenders should be easier. Smarter. Faster.

We help sales teams choose and use the right tools, so you win more bids more often in less time.

We are armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge in sales, tech, and change.

And on top of that:
● Stryfes works with fixed project pricing
● In the first week, you notice immediate time savings
● In 3 months, your investment will pay for itself handsomely
● After the course continues on its own

Shall we get acquainted? Simply non-committal.

After our introduction, we quickly begin. Sooner than you think, even

Once we click away the window from our call,
we will start working on a customized proposal for you.

In it, you’ll read all about the how and what,
the planning and investment.


Then we’ll start as soon as you’re ready.

Adopt a proven method

One where 25+ large organizations write tenders 40% faster and win up to 50% more tenders.

In three steps, Stryfes helps your sales teams win RFPs and tenders:


With so many tools on the market, there is something for everyone. But then you have to know what the differences are. We’ll help you make the right choice.


Once the tool is purchased, then the real work starts implementation. This falls into two phases: technical and functional implementation.


The tool is live, but nobody uses it. That’s the goal. First, therefore, we train your designated Tool Admin.

Are you choosing tender success or
are you stuck in tender stress?

It’s up to you.

Are you open to using Sales Tech to:

  • win 10 to 50 percent more bids?
  • Spend 40% less time writing bids?
  • No longer looking at managing and writing your tenders like climbing Kilimanjaro?

Then schedule a no-obligation meeting with us right away.

Let’s go for it. Together.

Hanneke Vogels

Sales Technology Director

(06) 5263 3631

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