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Little Time Savers

Unnoticed, every sale loses a lot of time with small tasks. Just schedule an appointment with someone, manually transfer information from LinkedIn to CRM, and there are 100 more examples. All these things may only take a few minutes. If you add them up, it’s hours per week. And then sometimes you forget about them. For lots of mini tasks are tools. Those tools are very often free as well.

Stryfes collects those small, handy tools. You can find them here!

Table of Contents:

Quick and easy online appointment booking, check out Stryfes’ picks

Quotes and contracts are digitally signed; check out Stryfes’ pick here.

Quickly and easily post content on Social Media, check out Stryfes’ picks

Online Scheduling Tool

Fast and easy online appointment scheduling.

Top picks vof Stryfes:

What does it do?

Indicates free times in your calendar, and the other person can schedule an appointment there directly

For whom?

Anyone who regularly has to schedule appointments with people whose calendars you cannot see

What will it cost?

Free for basic features, then from €8 per month per user with lots of extra features.

eSignature tool

Quotes and contracts signed digitally.

Top picks vof Stryfes:


What does it do?

Getting you and your customers to sign contracts quickly and easily digitally. It always also creates a digital audit trail to make verification stronger. Legally very handy.

For whom?

Anyone who wants their contracts signed quickly is tired of printing, signing, and re-scanning contracts all the time.

What will it cost?

Up to a few monthly contracts, 9 to 10 euros per user.

Social Media Content Tool

In Control of Your Social Media Content. With Publish Tools, you can schedule posts to achieve maximum reach on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, for example.

Looking to get more leads from Social Media? Then the Social Selling Machine may be for you.

Top picks vof Stryfes:

What does it do?

It gives your control over when and how a post is posted on Social Media Platforms. This makes it easier to build a campaign and better align content between different contributors.

For whom?

Anyone who regularly posts content on Social Media. Whether it is only on LinkedIn or also on Twitter and Facebook. Tools like this help you direct it.

What will it cost?

Free for basic features, then from $30 per month per team with many additional features.

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So what can we help you with?

Are you also spending a lot of time manually transferring information on a daily basis? Stryfes helps you get your time back. By looking at your specific situation, we can recommend the tools. Implement these tools and train your team to use them tool.

We’re made up of visionaries & doers. Realists and pragmatists alike. We do not write hours but offer fixed methodologies that, therefore, have a fixed price. We believe in taking action. Vision and action.

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