Bringing in more sales. Every single year. That’s the world of a sales leader. More budget to do it: no. Do more with as much or sometimes even less. So then, you must work smarter. More effective. More efficient. You can do that with Smart Sales Tools.

Stryfes makes tasks in the sales process smarter.

Digitalize Sales

You don’t even notice which tasks eat away your precious time. Find out here where you can save a lot of time.

Is preparing quotes more time wasted? Let us help you with a winning method. Let us help you with a winning method.

Is answering bids & tenders a time-consuming process? We help you get rid of that, so that you win more bids in less time.

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Sales Tech Services

By now, you know the catchphrase “no two companies are alike.” Many tool vendors use the opposite “works for everyone.” You and we know it’s nonsense. With so many tools on the market, there is something for everyone. But then you must know what the differences are.

Once the tool is acquired, the real work begins implementation. This falls into two phases: the technical implementation and the functional.

The tool is live, but nobody uses it. And that is the goal, though. First, therefore, we train your designated Tool Admin. Then we’ll train your employees.

Many organizations have someone who helps Sales with functional and technical questions and problems in their Sales Tech. But suppose you don’t have one? Then Stryfes helps you to optimize your Sales Tech, another piece every month.

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Let’s explore how we can help your team achieve more conversions, shall we?

We borrow about 45 minutes of your time – and you get thousands of hours of our knowledge and experience in return.

No strings attached. Just getting to know you.


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