By now, you know the catchphrase “no two companies are alike.” Many tool vendors use the opposite “works for everyone.” You know it’s nonsense. With so many tools on the market, there is something for everyone. But then you have to know what the differences are.

Our selection service brings all requirements and wishes into focus. These are, of course, the wishes of Sales themselves, but we also invite procurement, compliance, and other stakeholders to give their input. This way, we can be sure that the final tool will fit.

We then look for the three best tools to go with those. We provide demos and – if you want – an RFP. The goal is to select a tool that fits your business and will last for years.

Once you have chosen, we also guide the purchase. Sometimes that also means contracting that does justice to the GDPR and, of course, your purchasing rules.

The cost of selection depends on your organization. The number of stakeholders and the type of tool is the most significant influencers. A simple selection process costs 1,500. A selection process at a large organization with many stakeholders almost always succeeds for about 5,000.

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Sales Tech Services

These are the other services that make your Sales faster and better


Once the tool is purchased the real work begins implementation. This falls into 2 phases: the technical implementation and the functional.


The tool is live but nobody uses it. That’s the goal, though. First, therefore, we train your designated Tool Admin.


Many organizations have someone who helps Sales with functional and technical questions and problems in their Sales Tech. But suppose you don’t have one?

What next?

Now you are facing a choice.

You could click us away and go on with your day.

Back to your old habits, back to wasting time, back to permanent workload.


You schedule an informal meeting with us. That’s all you have to do.

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