Social Selling, everyone is talking about it, and you know it generates leads. But it’s such an awful lot of work to keep up with it daily.

You want to grow your network. It often works for a while to send out some connection requests daily with a personal message. After a while, it just gets to the point. And send everyone congratulations on their birthday? Too much work. Not to mention constantly staying in touch with your network.

That can be done differently! Stryfes has developed a Social Selling Machine, a combination of powerful tools that will help you make social selling a lot easier and, above all, faster.

Here’s how it works

We starten met een sessie waarin je in sneltreinvaart door alle aspecten van social selling wordt meegenomen. Daarna bepalen we hoe jouw machine ingericht moet worden en hoe jij het liefst werkt. Het inrichten van de machine is de volgende stap. Daar hoef jij niet voor te doen, dat doet Stryfes. Als dat klaar is leveren we de machine aan je op, leggen uit hoe het werkt en dan ga je direct aan de slag.

A set of tools

You almost stumble over all the tools on the market that make social selling easier. Maybe you’ve used them before. None of them excel in all areas. That means you need multiple tools side by side. But which ones? And how to make it work simply.

That solved Stryfes. We have selected the most user-friendly tools and connected them. You only see one tool, but have all the full functionality of the combination. Useful right?

Dit wil ik!

Then we will get to work.

Fill out the form, and you will receive a quote for the Social Selling Machine from Stryfes.

To build your machine costs 2985 euros. You purchase the tools yourself directly from the supplier. This allows you to remain in complete control of your machine.

After you sign the quote, we’ll plan the day together. Almost always, it can be done within four weeks.

Hanneke Vogels

Sales Technology Director

(06) 5263 3631

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