Digitalization of Sales is more than a CRM package and more than the communication channels with a customer. But where do you start, and what is the best choice for your business? The Sales Digitalization Framework shows you all the facets.

Digitalize Sales

Customer Facing tooling is defined as all the digital tools you use to interact with the customer. These are also often the first tools people think of when digitizing Sales. Stryfes distinguishes three components within the framework: Content, Personal Interaction, and Buy.

Finding and retaining customers is a comprehensive process. Salespeople use many methods and mean to make their sales, from telephones to information systems. They Google to find background information about companies, read about their (prospective) client’s market, and communicate continuously with various employees at the client. Here, Stryfes recognizes three categories within the framework: Customer & Project Information, Market & Product Information, and Process Success Information.

Many of Sales’ time-consuming tasks take place out of sight of the customer. They often have nothing to do with the customer but with the needs of the internal organization. Consider preparing an offer according to internal rules or coordinating under what conditions something may be offered. Here, Stryfes sees three topics within the framework: Customer & Project Information, Market & Product Information, and Process Success Information.

Who hasn’t heard of Data Driven? Research shows that companies that properly analyze their data and act on it are more successful than those that don’t. Analyzing Sales data is not new. We all do it every week: “What’s the forecast?”, “What deals were scored?”. Any right-minded company looks at the most salient information. Stryfes has divided this into two parts within the framework: Control and Improve.

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Sales Digitalisation Framework

Technology is increasingly helping us in our daily lives. It contributes significantly to our productivity. Rising labor costs combined with our penchant for greater profits are making parts of our processes increasingly expensive. Entire business models have already changed by applying intelligent digital tools. Technology delivers a reduction in costs and increases revenue within companies.

Adoption falls behind

Technology continues to develop , but the adoption of digitization solutions lags.

Framework helps

Providing insight into the steps to be taken includes clarity.

Based on understanding

Digitalization is about empowering people. Therefore, understanding is necessary.

Being better than the competitor

You only need to be better than your competitor to achieve a competitive cost advantage or customer focus. And everyone knows this is not the only factor that plays a role in a company’s success. The speed at which you need to digitize components depends entirely on your market dynamics.

Where to start?

You probably have a pressing issue in your Sales. On the cost side or the revenue side. Perhaps on both sides. Because you work in annual cycles or even shorter, the urge to get to work quickly is strong. Where you start depends on your current issues, your business goals, and the vision of the most significant improvement opportunities.

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