You don’t even notice that they are in you flowing through your veins. Crawled into your brain. Yet you always carry them with you. You’re waking up? So are they. You go to work – yep, still there. To bed? They sleep cozily with you. Crazy, actually.

Because they take away what almost every person considers the most important thing in their life. And still gnawing at it. Unnoticed. Bite by bite, piece by piece.

Like a loose piranha pulling apart a fleshy fish with its pointy teeth.

Any idea what we’re talking about?

Hint: look at the clock for a minute. Count quietly, along with the ticking.

Done? Now back to here again. There go 60 seconds. Poof, just like that, in a puff of smoke. Gone. Never to be recovered. You just wasted a minute on nothing. Conscious. This time, though. In the workplace, it’s a lot different.

That piranha? Your ingrained processes, systems, and habits.

That meaty fish? Your precious time.

Because do you realize how much time you are losing?

  • “Just transferring some information from LinkedIn to our CRM.”
  • “I still need to schedule appointments with some new leads. Are our schedules up to date?”
  • “Wait a minute; I need to sign some contracts. Is the printer full? Does the scanner work now?”

These chores are sneaky, time-consuming monsters. Especially in the way you are doing it now – the non-efficient way. Pity.

Of your energy and, most importantly: your time. Because taking a minute here and there over a task doesn’t seem like a disaster…..

… until you add it up per day. By week. By year, even.

And then suddenly, you understand precisely why it always feels like too few hours in a day. You know best that things should be different. Those things can be different. That there is a better way. The question is: how?

We’ve got you

Until now, huh

Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is a problem, there is a tool.

  • Transferring information to a CRM? Tool.
  • Super-fast scheduling appointments with clients without fussing with calendars? Another tool.
  • Even signing bids and contracts without sending them as PDFs through the mail after you’ve printed them out, signed them, scanned them in, and hoped they would go right the first time? Exactly: a tool for it.

Tools, in other words.

But who will help you choose, implement, and efficiently use those tools?

That’s us: Stryfes.

We help sales teams trade in their ingrained and time-wasting habits for new, efficient processes and tools.

Saves you at least 25% of your time each month. Time that from now on you use for acquisition, bid management, or to relax. You name it.

A little more about us:

  • We work with fixed project pricing
  • We guarantee you will save time after our collaboration — as early as one week
  • We ensure the implementation of new tools within four weeks

Sounds great, right?

Let’s meet to see how we can help you stop leaking time and start angling in.

By eliminating your biggest time bleeders with time-saving tools.

These tools are often so simple that you don’t need a complicated implementation. It can be a small addition to your CRM or an additional tool. A few great examples:

Meeting Scheduler

Deal Scoring Model


Where do we start? At a Time Bleeder Workshop! And it costs 450.

Wanna bet we find ten time killers?

“What should I do with tools?”

We hear it often: sales teams are not eager for different, new, or more tools. They already have their rhythm down with their current stack. But, look…

  • How long would it take to inflate your car tire if you used a bicycle pump?
  • How long would you wash your favorite bedding if you had to do it by hand?
  • How long would it take to overwrite an important document with pen and paper if printers did not exist?

Tools exist to make your life easier. Not more complicated. It’s about picking the right tools and using them to their full potential. And that’s what we help you with.

We work with:

Do you choose success or
do you linger in stress?

What next?

Now you are facing a choice.

You could click us away and go on with your day.

Back to your old habits, back to wasting time, back to permanent workload.


You schedule an informal meeting with us. That’s all you have to do.

Hanneke Vogels

Sales Technology Director

(06) 5263 3631

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